Helensburgh Public School

Inspiring all students to be lifelong learners

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Vision, values and rules


Helensburgh Public School is a quality school that with its community, inspires all students to be lifelong learners, through dynamic educational experiences.


At our school:

  • students are valued
  • each student's social, cultural and language background is important​
  • teachers expect all students can and will learn
  • partnerships between parents and teachers are developed and nurtured
  • teachers build upon student's prior knowledge and experiences
  • the curriculum is broad, balanced and relevant
  • students are given the essential foundation for future learning
  • quality literacy and numeracy programs are taught
  • classrooms support and stimulate each student's development as a learner
  • teachers plan teaching and learning programs to meet the needs of each child.

​Values are taught in the classroom to help our students to:

  • develop a love of learning
  • pursue excellence and high standards
  • develop care and respect for themselves and others
  • take pride in their work
  • exhibit a strong sense of fairness and social justice
  • have respect for and understanding of Australia's history including the cultures and experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the first peoples of Australia, and Australia as a multicultural society
  • have an appreciation of Australia's history and multicultural society
  • actively participate as citizens.

All students are expected to:

  • attend school every day, unless they are legally excused
  • be in class on time and prepared to learn
  • maintain a neat appearance and follow the school uniform policy
  • behave safely, considerately and responsibly including when travelling to and from school
  • follow class rules, speak courteously and cooperate with instructions and learning activities
  • treat staff, other students and members of the school community with dignity and respect
  • care for property belonging to themselves, the school and others.

Any behaviour that infringes on other people's safety such as harassment, bullying or any illegal behaviour will not be tolerated at our school.


We have three school-wide rules or expectations at our school. These rules are used across the entire school, so there is consistency with our expectations and the language used by all teachers and students in every facet of school life.

Our school rules are:

  • be safe
  • be a learner
  • be respectful.

Teachers in consultation with their students will also develop a set of classroom rules and expectations that will reflect and support our school-wide expectations.

We hope our parents and caregivers reinforce our expectations at school to promote positive behaviour in all our students.

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